Firearm Transfer Request Form

Transferring your firearm through WEG's guns is easy. Whenever a firearm is purchased online from a licensed dealer or private citizen through an auction site, it must be sent or transferred through an FFL (licensed dealer) before the buyer can legally take possession of the firearm.

We are a registered dealer with most online firearm retailers. Once you, the buyer, fill out the form below, we will contact the shipping dealer or individual to ensure the proper documentation is exchanged/included in the package.

Please keep in mind it does take 1-2 business days to process firearm transfers once delivered. We will notify you immediately when your firearm is ready for pick up.

Please bring a valid Texas License to Carry or Texas Driver License if transferring a handgun. If transferring a long gun, a valid out-of-state ID is acceptable.

  • $20 per firearm transferred
  • $50 for each NFA item
  • Customer Information

  • Firearm Information

  • Dealer/Seller Information

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